Monday, April 30, 2012

Autocad and the Growth of Fluffy-Muffin

How's Everyone doing? Just wanted to give everybody an update on how stuff has been going. I am just now getting over a pretty bad cold. Right now at school we are working on putting together the early pages of a CD (Construction Document) set. Apparently one of those first pages is a Demolition plan. Basically what we're doing here is taking the survey, editing out a ton of information we don't need, and then highlighting things like ares to be demolished, staging areas, trees to be removed, and ares to be protected. It makes you think a lot about all the measures that must be taken to ensure safe work to people and the environment during construction.

In other news the Fluffy-Muffin website is going great! Still growing. Here is one of our popular comics. I can't express how much fun I have working on this website!

come check us out at the Fluffy Muffin and please like our Facebook Page to show your support! Until Next Time~


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