Sunday, August 30, 2009

Living at Work

So today as I was walking to work I was feeling that I basically live at work. Ever had that feeling? Where you wake up, go to work, then come home and have no time, then go to sleep and do it all over again? But then again I think that mostly its because I got up so late today. I think I must have been really tired last night or something. Didn't wake up till up until 11:30 today. Its not so bad being here at work I suppose. Easy summer job.

I think since its so slow here at work I will be able to get most of that logo done today. Hopefully. Got some of the information that I needed, but I think that its good enough. Oh one more thing. Found out this morning that I am moving tomorrow, instead of the first. Not nearly packed enough though. After work projects are always nice.

Oh and almost forgot to mention. My professor for that History 111 class sent me back all of my assignments for the last quarter with grades on them. He did not tell me however how I ended with a 2.7 :/. I have a 3.8 on 60% of the work, then a 2.3 on the final which was worth 40 %. How does this add to 2.7? I do not know. Hopefully I'll find out soon.

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Saturday, August 29, 2009

Happy 11th!!! :D

So today is the 11th month that me and my girlfriend have been together :D. Pretty awesome I think. Yesterday got to help her move all of her stuff out of the apartment she was living in for the summer up to her new studio building about 10 blocks away. She was so close during the summer it was awesome. :D :D Got to hang out with her basically every day. But now shes going to be further away. Kinda sucks but then i realize that in reality its not that bad. :) I'll still visit her alot and I feel alot luckier than couples who have insane distances between them. Unfortunately don't get to see her today, but will on the second most likely. That should be great. :D

Other stuff about today is that I'm finally making some real progress in the Zion Project. I think that at most I will finish it by monday. I need more info though. Anyways. Other than that I think packing is at about 60% done. Not bad. Also, this morning I sent out my resume and over letter to CAST Architecture. I didn't include any images unfortunately. I felt underprepared and none of the files would really fit into an email attachment. Oh well. Today its back to work then when I get off need to pack my computer and stuff of that sort.

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Friday, August 28, 2009

As I wait for Microsoft Office to install.

Well today must be a day of progress!!!!!
As soon as this office is done installing I will type out my cover letter. Never really been good at this type of thing but hopefully this one will be better. My roommate, Albert, has been helping me alot. Its been really nice of him but I think he knows his stuff when it comes to resume's and cover letters etc. So thats been good. Other than that still waiting to get the details on the Zion Project as I'm calling it now from my friend in Hong Kong. Once I'm done with the logo Design i'm tempted to print out 500 business cards or something. But I need more detail!

Anyways. Other than that I'm helping my girlfriend move today :D. Excited as she has been gone about a week so yea. Gonna do that today then when I get back I really need to get working on my own move- out situation. My room looks like it was hit by a tornado...twice. Its pretty bad. I keep telling myself its because I'm busy and I'm moving but Its probably just because its so overwhelming. (not going to post pics).

In other news, made an IKEA trip today with my new roommates and long-time friends. We decided to get a futon which i will be taking at the end of the year, and a TV stand, for my roommates 42" Plasma (yes) and a kitchen table. So it was a fun day. Myself, I had a gift card from a relative which got me a 20 pack of random sized tupperware, four plates, bowls, cups, and all silverware.

So yea. Felt like a good amount, though, as mentioned in yesterdays post, got essentially no work done. Oh well, nothing to do about it now.

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Thursday, August 27, 2009

Day of lethargic Fail.

Soooo today I accomplished pretty much noooothing. Pretty much just woke up, was going to go to a class to renew my Food Handler's Permit buuut turns out that it got cancelled to make way for BUMBERSHOOT!!! I've never actually attended Bumbershoot but I heard its pretty cool. Wait taking that back, I did attend once, but it was noooot that cool.

Anyways... other than that finished up my resume for this internship I'm going to apply to but honesty the whole thing is stressing me out. This whole moving thing, with work, and the internship. STRESSED. I feel like I just need a break to have a vacation you know? Its been non stop rush for basically over a year now. Oh well

Plan for tonight. Finish the cover letter....I hope and work more on this logo design I'm working on for my friend's Hong Kong Youth Group.

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Wednesday, August 26, 2009

Day of Success but much hard work to do.

So today has been a day of relative success. I dont know if i mentioned before, but I'm moving this week. Financial difficulties have made it where I can no longer afford my current residence with my awesome roommates who I'll miss alot. We've had a great year together I think during which I've laughed more than I can remember. Anyways. I've been somewhat in a panic about getting all my packing done and today i've knocked out a good portion as you can see from the above pictures. I still have 5 days before the move out date so I feel confident I'll be ok now.

Other successes have come today as well. Gearing more toward architecture I called all three firms today in my quest for an internship position. The First was a total fail. Balance Associates Architects has NO internships or volunteer positions available now or in the near future. Sad day.

I think the main thing that I got out of this phone call was realizing that I sound like a telemarketer. :/ Conversation went something like this.

Receptionist: Good Afternoon, Balance Associates Architects

Me: Hello, my name is Paul and Im currently studying architecture at the University of Washington. I was calling to inquire if you would like to buy a set of kitchen cutlery for only 19.95!

ok not quite that bad, but essentially felt the same.

So the next phone call decided I was going to lighten up a bit.
Said Hi, didnt mention much but anyways, McClellan Architects does not have any internships or volunteer at the moment either but they may in the near future. The guy told me to send a Resume and mention in the email that I talked to him on the phone and he'll remember me and call me when something comes up. This was somewhat encouraging.
Number Three was the best. Now this firm I haven't mentioned before but I actually like them alot. They are CAST Architecture here in Seattle. I spoke to one of the architects there and he said that they just discussed last week possibly bringing on a volunteer for their next project and to send him a resume and cover letter etc and whatever else I think can fit in an email and we'll go from there.

Now I know I dont have this yet, but it would definitely be nice if it worked out. We 'll see.

Now for the Hard work part is tailoring my resume and rewriting a cover letter.
Gotta get on that and send it in as soon as possible.

Oh one more thing. Found this other pretty cool firm that actually designed the hair salon I frequent about once a quarter or so. They are BuildLLC architects.
I'm possibly going to call these guys up tomorrow.

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Tuesday, August 25, 2009

2.7 GPA...Unacceptable

Last night as I as cruising through some blogs, decided that my summer grades could be out. The quarter just ended Friday so thought there could be a possibility that everything was done already. Click on the grade sheet. 3.8 in History 269, The Holocaust. ok ok thats pretty good. Then look up. 2.7 in History 111!?!?!?!?
This is very disappointing to me as I do have all my quiz sheets returned already and have above 90% on all. I feel like a no good by calling up the Prof and asking what's up but it seems I have no choice? Bad situation.

On other notes I did send an email to McClellen Architects yesterday seeing if they had any internship positions, have yet to hear back and will be emailing balance later today with luck.

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Monday, August 24, 2009

Internships and Volunteer Positions

Good Day!
Well today has been a good day thus far. Woke up, played a little N64 Tony Hawk ProSkater and checked out some Design Community Forums. Biggest thing on my mind today though is this whole applying for Internship thing. My roommate kinda scared me last night with his comment " you should apply" Is it really that competetive for voulnteer positions in the architecture field? Part of this is that I feel Grossly under qualified for even a volunteer position. Its not that I don't have confidence in my abilities but its the fact that I've never really done ANYTHING outside a couple pre major studios you know? i would be fine with just getting coffee :D. Alright so so far I've looked at a couple firms here in Seattle ( Yes I am in seattle). FIrst was McClellen Architects. Their site looks fairly interesting but I'm afraid that they might be too traditional to accept some student that has no real experience :/ The next one was Balance Associates Architects I definitely tend to like this one a little better but we'll see.

Todays Goals?

well I want to check out at least a couple more firms before I start sending out Emails to beg for a position. Other than that just heading over to my PAYING job as a barista here at UW. Then possibly off to International district for some grocery shopping.

Oh on other notes. Last night was looking at a book my Girlfriend got me for a 10 month aniverserary thing. (she is a interdisciplinary arts major) Its a pretty awesome little book. Titled: NEW YORK: architecture & Design. She picked it up at Uwajimaya Book Store here I think. Anyways I like it because its short, sweet, gives you some basic facts to let you know if you want to look further into the project, and lets you see some of the actual Project Boards that were used for initial presentations. Nice.

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Sunday, August 23, 2009

Revive, Revision, Post

Well today is the day to revive my blog. Its been dead for a good two years now and ALOT has changed. I am out of coffee filters.

This sums up my life right now. Anyways. In short. I am now in the process of pursuing a degree in Architectural Studies. I am a third year student at the University of Washington. Thus far I have somewhat failed. I was rejected from the highly competitive architecture program here. I reviewed my portfolio and will definitely be doing some revising. (Starting that today). I will figure out how to post pics later :/
Alright~ Here we go...just a little bit of what I'm working on right now. comments welcome.