Saturday, July 24, 2010

Vegetation Representations

Its been a while since my last post, and I must confess, that mostly is a result of pure laziness. I've been enjoying the summer to a degree of going all out on my ceramics class and watching every single Harry Potter movie. Lots of fun but not that much free time. Should I have told you that? Anyways onto the reason for this post that's been in the works for a while now. Vegetation Representation in Architectural and Landscape Design scale models. Sounds interesting right? The photos in this post originate from the pictures I took at the current HOPE display of architectural models put on by the SAF in downtown seattle. This first picture was the most common type of vegetation representation, for those models that even considered vegetation. (Quite a few did not of course) It looks like these are pretty popular for that fact that they come from an actual plant that when cut properly is a pretty good "mini tree". I only saw these painted black or white but I'm assuming if you want to go crazy you can air brush them to be whatever color you want.
This next type of representation is pretty cool too. I really have no idea what its made out of but they seem to be mostly used with pure white models contributing to a snowy type of theme.
These next two gave me a bit of a laugh but it made me realize what a representation actually is to some people, (at least for trees) and that is a space holder. It seems that these cut foam masses are simply used to hold the space in the model to take away the idea that outside the featured structure will simply be a moonscape. It also eludes the viewer that the designer doesn't think the trees or at least the specific species of plants were taken into much consideration in the design.
This final representation I actually like the most, just for its simplicity. Crushed green paper for green trees....awesome. Until Next TIme!
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