Monday, April 12, 2010

Back from the Wilderness

Back from the wilderness indeed. Took a camping trip this weekend for an environmental class. A great experience i must say. We drove down to the olympic peninsula and hiked along the south fork of the Hoh river. This class is really opening my eyes the the wide range of plants here in the Pacific Northwest and the ridiculous amount of diversity. This is really opening up my eyes to the immense potential that these type of trips might have on my design ideas in the future. This class combined with my plant identification class is great. Some things that I am MORE interested in learning is the living compatible environments for many of these plants that we're learning about. I think that these will help me even more to implement plants that will actually live in my designs rather than just dying. How unfortunate would that be? Quite.

In other notes I think that I am going to start working on my application for the University of Washington's Architecture Program. Yes, the second time. My thinking in this decision is that since i am already accepted into landscape, and I have very much improved my graphic skills as well as organizational skills in the last year I might as well try to widen my options. The advantages of architecture? You attain a bachelors of arts in architecture in a total of two additional years as opposed to the 3 years required for a bachelor of landscape. The disadvantage is that the landscape degree seems to be much more prestigious and is defined as a "professional degree" . But we shall see! Until next time!
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mr. piggy said...

until next time!

you stole my words.


starkca3 said...

lies! its been there all along :P