Wednesday, May 12, 2010

The quarter wears on.

I cant really tell if this quarter is going by fast or drudging along slow. The forestry class I have neglected to a degree and bio is more difficult than I originally anticipated, and Art history is art history. Thats all I can say about that.

In the bio class the curriculum is much different than I originally thought it would be. The lectures consist of Professor Richard Olmstead going through two or three families giving us a list of characteristics that we are to memorize. This is complimented with a dash of phylogenetic history that to me is somewhat useless for the reason of its still such a new science that the rules we are given are literally being changed and re-written on a daily bases. There is the rant.

Some of the families that we have learned so far are: Betulacaceae, Fagaceae, Salicaceae (all with catkins) among many others. Turns out the shrek ears that I posted before are a member of the family Euphorbiaceae. Crazy coincidence right? Also today in class we learned about the family Asteraceae, which is the sunflower family! Turns out that the sunflower (and I'm sure alot of you knew this already) is actually a couple hundred smaller flowers. Each yellow "petal" on a sunflower is actually an individual flower, along with each seed representing the fruit of individual flowers. Crazy huh? Each yellow sunflower petal is actually 5 smaller petals fused together and each one is capable of reproducing separately. News to me!

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