Monday, June 14, 2010


To get things started. We're on a small summer break. Just got done with finals last week and they grades are NOT IN YET. Fortunately? Not feeling extremely confident in any of them. The one exception was Plant Biology. Turned out okay. The class is curved to a 2.7 and I ended up with a 3.0. Not bad I suppose.

In other news.I think I have decided to take all of this down time and re-format my portfolio and apply to the architecture program. Honestly, not putting too much effort into it but I want to see what this admittance committee does in the face of somebody going a little crazy. I'll elaborate on that a bit more later on perhaps.

For the summer. I am essentially working 3 hours a day at my usual Housing Food Services here on campus, working on random projects that I hope turn out, annnnnd taking classes. Did I mention all of this before? Right the title of the post.

So this last weekend I went out and bought a Nikkor 50mm 1.8f AF lens. Hooray right? Indeed Hooray! But there is a downside. It turns out that the AF (Auto-focus)for this particular lens DOES NOT WORK WITH THE D3000. Just to make that clear. I was totally unaware. It remains a very nice lens nonetheless. So there begins my quest for a D300. It will happen one day. Anyways, will continue to post with more frequency since the next couple months are somewhat low key. Until next time! Real Estate Web Site Hosting
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