Saturday, September 4, 2010

Break, oh break, long break.

Its that special time of year here at UW, summer break. Kind of. Its the period we have in between summer quarter ending and the next year's fall begins. This yea SEEMS abnormally long with a big 38 day break. Pretty cool. So far have done absolutely nothing in terms of productiveness but is I guess that could be what break is for. Haven't posted on here in a ridiculous amount of time but now I shall break that with this amazing post!. OK. One thing I have been working on is designing a natural pond area for a family member's yard. I have the basic concepts drawn out and have been working out a good portion of the technical kinks but still alot of work to be done. Assuming we get this thing built in the next year it could be a great thing to put on a future resume'?
Perhaps. Its fun none the less. Will post pics as soon as I have something worth showing that everybody wont laugh at. Until next time, enjoy break! Real Estate Web Site Hosting
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