Monday, November 28, 2011

RHINO 4.0!

Hey guys, if you dont know what this is, then go buy the student edition of RHINO 4.0! Its only about 160 bucks and its a perpetual license so no need to renew every year like with sketchup. Anyways, we've been learning alot of stuff about this guy and so far I am enjoying it much more that sketchup pro. Why? Well for one thing its much much easier to manipulate curves, and secondly the 4 viewport layout is really nice too. It gets you thinking about the autoCAD aspect that you will be working on later during the modeling process. Its also really nice to think in orthographic mode for a change and see how changes in the orthographic instantly have a result in the perspective and rendered views. Also, rhino rende, not bad at all, thats the picture above. I've been thinking about doing some tutorials and putting them on youtube if I have a chance. Not that im an expert, but there is so little out there right now for free it hurts. Anyway thats the update! good luck on finals! Until next time~ Real Estate Web Site Hosting
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