Thursday, November 26, 2009

Its thanksgiving! and working.

Not totally unenjoyable
going to attach a few screen shots this time of the current work.
Tonight! We will embark on an adventure to the deep unknown of Oregon. Plans to purchase? Yes. Yes indeed. Hoping to pick a DSLR among some other things. Haven't totally decided on the Canon Rebel Xsi or the Nikon D3000. A dilemma indeed.

We're redesigning portions of campus. Particualry three points that serve as linkage points for the University and part of the surrounding area commonly known as the "AVE". I've taken the concept of "Ave Culture" and encorporated parts of that concept with the university design paradigm of axial pathways and monumentality.

This is the main approach. Campus is located on a hill that forces visitors to climb a 28 foot rise. Something to work with. The main set of stairs serves as the "fast route" in which the majority of people will travel through to get to their destination either to campus or to the ave.

Zig Zagging across the main axis are smaller paths that serve as the "slow routes". This is the "hodge podge" concept that there is no direction, simply wandering. Along the smaller paths are openings that allow for gallery sculpture pieces to be displayed from the museum that sits adjacent to the site.

ok! now time for turkey!
Until next time~

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