Wednesday, December 23, 2009

On break, but not really.

It's Christmas break once again and I'm taking the opportunity to post. So far I've probably done some slacking. Played alot of video games and the like but now in a mode of buckling down and diving into the tedious task of perfecting my portfolio for the mid February application deadline for the Landscape Architecture Program here at UW. Fun stuff.

Frankly its not that bad. Just would rather be doing other stuff. Like nothing. It seems harder out of the studio environment, but just need to keep reminding myself how badly I really want to be in this program, and its not going to happen unless I but a sufficient amount of effort into it.

Final Project for fall quarter went great. Presented in front of some pros and got some great feedback. The boards turned out pretty well I think. Google is being wierd and not letting me upload images at the moment but will post again soon with the layout. Until next time! MERRY CHRISTMAS!

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1 comment:

mr. piggy said...

:D happy christmas!

good luck on portfolio! you can do it! <3