Friday, January 14, 2011

Composite Maps

We have moved into the beginning stages of our first major individual project of the quarter. We are designing an outdoor area, very long and linear, for a Japanese assisted living facility in the International District here in Seattle. The site is called NIkkei Manor. The project promises to be much fun. Anyways, the mapping has to do with context. As we look at some of the systems in larger seattle it will help us make more informed choices in the design process. The above map is of four elements: People migration, structural density, sewage infrastructure, and habitat green space in the area. The collage below seeks to take these four elements and put them into less informative format and more emotional format.
We then sought to put these two types together to make an informative and emotional model and this is what my team came up with.
In the first image you see one area of Seattle with a higher level of structural density that coincides with a higher population of Caucasians vs the second image portrays that some of the less dense areas have more habitat and often coincide with higher levels of minorities. Will continue to post! Until next time~
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