Monday, January 10, 2011

More Regular Postings

Winter quarter begins! So far so busy. So I have decided that this quarter is going to be one of much more blog posting, not because it's any less busy but in an effort to get the entire quarter's worth of work digitized. Last quarter I ended up doing it all the last day and it was terrrrible. Ok. So far in studio we've learned that our focus is to be urban fabrics with somewhat of an attempted focus on the Seattle area. The simultaneous focus has to do with landscapes and their ability for health. Anyways! The first project we modeled a quality that said urban. I chose density and here is what I came up with.

click for larger images!
The clay balls are meant to represent groups of people and structure and as you approach urban cores the visible geometrical organization becomes more difficult to pick out. Later this week or weekend I'll post some charcoal sketches along with some CAD work! Real Estate Web Site Hosting
Real Estate Web Site Hosting


mr. piggy said...

Yay :)

starkca3 said...

gotta post more too! :)