Sunday, August 30, 2009

Living at Work

So today as I was walking to work I was feeling that I basically live at work. Ever had that feeling? Where you wake up, go to work, then come home and have no time, then go to sleep and do it all over again? But then again I think that mostly its because I got up so late today. I think I must have been really tired last night or something. Didn't wake up till up until 11:30 today. Its not so bad being here at work I suppose. Easy summer job.

I think since its so slow here at work I will be able to get most of that logo done today. Hopefully. Got some of the information that I needed, but I think that its good enough. Oh one more thing. Found out this morning that I am moving tomorrow, instead of the first. Not nearly packed enough though. After work projects are always nice.

Oh and almost forgot to mention. My professor for that History 111 class sent me back all of my assignments for the last quarter with grades on them. He did not tell me however how I ended with a 2.7 :/. I have a 3.8 on 60% of the work, then a 2.3 on the final which was worth 40 %. How does this add to 2.7? I do not know. Hopefully I'll find out soon.

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mr. piggy said...

good luck at packing~

hope your history class thing works out.

starkca3 said...

:) so prof is gonna change my grade :D

mr. piggy said...

:D :D