Tuesday, August 25, 2009

2.7 GPA...Unacceptable

Last night as I as cruising through some blogs, decided that my summer grades could be out. The quarter just ended Friday so thought there could be a possibility that everything was done already. Click on the grade sheet. 3.8 in History 269, The Holocaust. ok ok thats pretty good. Then look up. 2.7 in History 111!?!?!?!?
This is very disappointing to me as I do have all my quiz sheets returned already and have above 90% on all. I feel like a no good by calling up the Prof and asking what's up but it seems I have no choice? Bad situation.

On other notes I did send an email to McClellen Architects yesterday seeing if they had any internship positions, have yet to hear back and will be emailing balance later today with luck.

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mr. piggy said...

good luck on getting emails back. mine took a while to get back to me ><

hope your grade stuff works out~


Suck my big hairy balls said...
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