Friday, August 28, 2009

As I wait for Microsoft Office to install.

Well today must be a day of progress!!!!!
As soon as this office is done installing I will type out my cover letter. Never really been good at this type of thing but hopefully this one will be better. My roommate, Albert, has been helping me alot. Its been really nice of him but I think he knows his stuff when it comes to resume's and cover letters etc. So thats been good. Other than that still waiting to get the details on the Zion Project as I'm calling it now from my friend in Hong Kong. Once I'm done with the logo Design i'm tempted to print out 500 business cards or something. But I need more detail!

Anyways. Other than that I'm helping my girlfriend move today :D. Excited as she has been gone about a week so yea. Gonna do that today then when I get back I really need to get working on my own move- out situation. My room looks like it was hit by a tornado...twice. Its pretty bad. I keep telling myself its because I'm busy and I'm moving but Its probably just because its so overwhelming. (not going to post pics).

In other news, made an IKEA trip today with my new roommates and long-time friends. We decided to get a futon which i will be taking at the end of the year, and a TV stand, for my roommates 42" Plasma (yes) and a kitchen table. So it was a fun day. Myself, I had a gift card from a relative which got me a 20 pack of random sized tupperware, four plates, bowls, cups, and all silverware.

So yea. Felt like a good amount, though, as mentioned in yesterdays post, got essentially no work done. Oh well, nothing to do about it now.

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mr.piggy said...

thanks for helping me move todayyy <3

gotta do it again in a few days. lol

>< wish i could help you move too <3 i didn't get to help you at all...

fail. Q_Q