Saturday, August 29, 2009

Happy 11th!!! :D

So today is the 11th month that me and my girlfriend have been together :D. Pretty awesome I think. Yesterday got to help her move all of her stuff out of the apartment she was living in for the summer up to her new studio building about 10 blocks away. She was so close during the summer it was awesome. :D :D Got to hang out with her basically every day. But now shes going to be further away. Kinda sucks but then i realize that in reality its not that bad. :) I'll still visit her alot and I feel alot luckier than couples who have insane distances between them. Unfortunately don't get to see her today, but will on the second most likely. That should be great. :D

Other stuff about today is that I'm finally making some real progress in the Zion Project. I think that at most I will finish it by monday. I need more info though. Anyways. Other than that I think packing is at about 60% done. Not bad. Also, this morning I sent out my resume and over letter to CAST Architecture. I didn't include any images unfortunately. I felt underprepared and none of the files would really fit into an email attachment. Oh well. Today its back to work then when I get off need to pack my computer and stuff of that sort.

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mr. piggy said...

:D happy 11th <3

love you :)

starkca3 said...

:):) <3 love you too

Anonymous said...