Monday, September 7, 2009

The day of the sink explosion

So this morning as I was attempting to wash last nights dinner dishes and this morning's breakfast dishes my sink randomly started pouring water from below. It quickly filled about 1/5 of the kitchen with 1" deep water. I have no idea what happened but here is the aftermath.
I'm not sure if it looked like that before or not. Our kitchen is so poorly lit its hard to tell.

Other than that waking up this morning didnt work out so well. Ended up sleeping until eleven, then had enough time to do some work then head off to work. Sounds fun. Other than that though I think that there is probably only about 40 to 50 more random PDFs to sort out before my design files are essentially organized to satisfaction.

One bump is that as soon as I walked into work today my boss asked me to close, which turns my planned four hour shift into a long 9 hour one. Not so fun. No worries, its bound to keep happening. I might as well get used to it.

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mr. piggy said...

wow your sink. lol sucks.

>< you don't have to agree to close <3

starkca3 said...

i knowww but then he was like. well if your coordinator sometimes your going to have to take unscheduled shifts. was like oh...ok.


mr. piggy said...

>< poor you