Friday, September 25, 2009

Stepping Back, Over Passionate

Is too much too much? Lately I've been thinking that perhaps that I'm really too set on some things. Is architecture really for me? Am I really put too much emphasis on this to the point that I've messed things up? Perhaps if I had been more flexible with what I wanted to end up doing with my life then I wouldn't be under the extreme pressure that I am now. I have an extreme desire to eventually end up in the "design" field, leaning more towards the aesthetics but in a technical manner. Though this whole thing is making me think that I'm too "passionate" ? Perhaps if I step back a bit then the things will work out more. But the problem is that I know what I want. I feel like that by stepping back, by giving up the design path then I'm going to end up at some dead end place where I'll regret my life. Not really a place wanting to be. Where I want to be issss _____ what. What what what. Not really a SPECIFIC answer to that question. But I definitely have a gist. Perhaps I need to focus more. I'm thinking to much.

Anyways. Third roommate returned from home today.

We're set for the quarter. Desks set. Dishes not. 360 plugged in. We're ready to go. Been wondering if its going to be hard to focus this quarter. I'm hoping not. Think I can handle it. Just got to work out the whole motivation thing and get out of this rut of thinking its all too big. I know everybody is facing these same kind of thoughts as well. Thats why I don't know why I feel soooooo sad? Helpless? More ...inadequate. Guh complaining and feeling dissappointed in myself. This blog as become a cry fest. RUUUUNNNNaaaawaYYYYyyyy.

Until Next Time~

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