Thursday, September 10, 2009

Early Morning, Late Night

So today has been a bit of a long day. Woke up early this morning in order to go renew my food handler's permit that allows me to be a barista here in the lovely city of seattle. It was an insanely easy test, the only hard part was staying awake during the 30 minute video. All in a days work.
After that went to pick up my mail from my nearby grandparents house only to find out that the rebate I was expecting from Apple has yet to arrive. Somewhat of a surprise seeing that its been a good 15 days since I bought the laptop. Thinking on it now though, its fine, 15 days isn't that long.

Other than that spent the day loping around the apartment trying to work up motivation to do something constructive with my life. Set on the task of working on redoing the font on the zion project. Yes, the "zion project" is in lower case letters now. This is my attitude on putting any real work effort into it. I've turned into a useless blob. Anyways. The Font was originally some generic default font in Illustrator called Perpetua. It served the purpose of the original design themes of straight verticals and straight horizontals. Upon talking with some of the admins of the Zion Group the font was somewhat not "colorful" enough. I looked on their website and it seemed that they were leaning towards more of the "cursive z" as a first letter. Decided to take it into the whole word. At that point i realized that the initial design simply could not work with the re conceived text element. Thus. This previous draft:
The only thing different about this draft and the one that was previously posted is the faded lines leading to the ZION text. I feel like this really helps this particular design. The re conceptualized version is very different. At this point I really don't care for it much but I think it can turn into something different but good.

Again, this is very very rough and essentially took me ten minutes of moving some vectors around. I think it was important to actually get something "on paper" so to speak in order to move the process along.

So tomorrow going to work on that more, with all luck after I return from the gym. The luck part being I actually go to the gym tomorrow. Other things happening today is that I've turned into a regular Betty Crocker. Made some quick and easy "cakies" tonight using a box of cake mix, couple of eggs, and 1/3 cup of vegetable oil. And here are the amazing results. Hopefully they still taste good in a few hours.

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mr. piggy said...


yummy cookies :D


Your Secret Admirer said...

HiiIiiii Paul <3

I like you a lot Paul. You're so funny ^_^

-Kristina Campner
a.k.a. <3 Betty Tehrani <3