Friday, September 4, 2009

Long Week in the Dark

Well Haven't posted in a few days to a very real lack of internet access at my new apartment. Last few days just been slowly unpacking and getting things organized. Slowly. We are all moved in though. Here are some pics.
So our layout is Living room = our three desks. Bedroom one is our game room with futon and television, bedroom two is my roommate's and I's sleeping space. Pretty complicated I know.
Overall the whole thing is alot smaller than my previous apartment and this is true for my roommates as well. The one nice thing is the excessivly large kithen. Its about the size, if not larger than our living room. Found that pretty amusing.
Feeling somewhat at home now though. All my stuff is relatively unpacked. Still have to go pick up a few amenities such as laundry soap. Now the only thing left is to get back to work on my search for an internship. Its really tempting just to sit around all day (which is what I have essentially been doing for the last two days), but now that I'm back at work I think I'll start up on that again.
Anyways, other than that my hair is ridiculous today.

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1 comment:

mr. piggy said...

haha your hair <3 :)

im still waiting for my internship thing ((sigh))

all moved in huh? :)