Friday, December 30, 2011

Not this Time

Have you ever had a failure in one area that made you work harder, faster, and with more motivation in all areas? That is what I feel like right now. I was unable to procure the internship at the firm I was applying to and I completely understand all the reasons for that. Reaction? Work hard and get it next time, or the next one, whatever the case.

Alright so what is on today's agenda? First thing is, as most of you probably know already, we are launching on the Jan 1st. Hold your breath! Every day it is coming together more and more, When we launch it's going to be a rough polish meaning that not everything is exactly how we want it, annnd since we are not really being paid in any way it's most likely not going to get to the perfect point any time soon. BUT! Amazing none the less. So here are a couple more images that I didn't post last time of more sneak peaks at some of the functioning parts of the website. Also not to perfection YET.!

Alright! So now I'm off to work on that stuff some more, and my portfolio, and! a ASLA submission.
Until next time!

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