Thursday, December 8, 2011

Tips and Tricks learned from yesterday's presentation

Relief, oh sweet relief. I feel so calm like the above picture I took in Taiwan this summer. A huge burden lifted off the shoulders. You know the feeling? So today we presented our work of the last few weeks to a panel of professors and professionals. I'd say it went fairly well but there are a couple of things learned that I definitely want to share with you. First of all, presenting digitally is a whole different ball game than presenting on plots. For most of our presentations we decided to use a site called prezi, a flash presentation site that has some cool features. Using the site you can zoom in and out of graphics, hide graphics within other graphics and reveal and a load of other things. However it can all be a bit overwhelming. There was one group that decided to go classic and plot out their boards rather than use digital and graphically I think there's was the best. I am now seeing why boards are the prefer medium for reviews like this. It is really easy to go back and look at specific graphics and remember specific talking points when all the graphics are right there in front of you at the end. In a power point or prezi format you must cycle through the images until you find the one the reviewer wants to talk about. This ended up being the dilemma for most of the presentations. However the traditional board had its imitations too. I dont think that the perspective views were as successful as they couild have been in a digital format. That being said I have come to be convinced that the best way is to have a plotted board/s up on display but simultaneously have the digital format for the main presentation. Then during reviews the reviewers can refer back to the printed boards. The other option is to set up 2 projectors each with a "plotted" board displayed on a prezi or a simple PDF and zoom in and out of those. I think for my next presentation I am going to try doing this on a prezi. Last tip, when working with prezi be very careful about the size of the images and types of images you upload. Uploading 2 flash documents has made our presentation essentially unopenable on the prezi website due to lack of memory. BEWAREEEE it could happen to you!!
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